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This Round Is On Me... (hey, thanks!)
April 16, 2019

It’s true, we have become a city reliant on delivery. We’re all workin’ hard, and sometimes you just need to have someone make dinner for you (and thanks for bringing it to my door!). Some of us are loyal to just one delivery service, but variety is the spice of life! Take a look at the restaurant partners on Grubhub, and get $10 off your first food order of $15 or more.

You’ll find some local faves, like Bacon Bacon (try them for breakfast on your next unfortunate hangover), Palmyra (love their falafel plate), Troya (they have some tasty Turkish bowls), Bun Mee (have you ever had their sloppy Bun Mee with an egg?), Presidio Pizza Company (they make a good slice), and you can even get Popeye’s delivered (your secret is safe with me).

Enjoy $10 off your first food order of $15 or more. Let me know any of your faves!

April 2, 2019

Do you photograph or style food, maybe products? Are you a publicist, a blogger, or a chef who likes to photograph your dishes? Increase the impact of your images with the right surfaces and backgrounds.

Surfacehaus specializes in photographic surfaces. Join companies such as Williams-Sonoma, Equator Coffee, and Sunbasket, who have all rented from our collection of 80-plus pieces, or have your dream surface custom made.

Visit for more information. Mention tablehopper for a 20 percent discount on your first rental, and 10 percent off your first custom order. Locations in San Francisco and Berkeley. To make it easy for you, we also deliver throughout the Bay Area.